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February 7, 2007
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Axel is the Destroyer by NewfoundAlpha Axel is the Destroyer by NewfoundAlpha
It always makes me sad in Disgaea 2 that Axel never breaks out the total BAMF demon power. He's two millenia old, right?

...That old bastard would pwn the PLANET.

Inspired by the GODLY soundtrack of Advent Rising, "Koroem."

As I didn't put a lot of effort or thought into it, I slapped this lovely bastard into my scraps, as you can see. Maybe one day I'll take the time to do this properly, when I'm on a Disqaea 2 kick or something. Probably at the end of the month, when the manga comes out oh my God :heart:
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Madmitzi Sep 1, 2007   Writer
heh heh ....He needs to be the main character of Disgaea 2..well actually, either him or Etna would be rad XP

Ah, but anyways... Very nice. I agree. He pwns >:3
Thank you! Yeah, Axel is pretty awesome, which is probably why it takes 32495834 years and 100 gallons of blood, sweat and tears to get him into your party. -_-'
Age isn't what determines a demon's power, though. In Makai Kingdom, Pram the Oracle is actually only in her double digits (late teens, at most) and took over her father's Netherworld when she was 2. Axel's your average, named NPC demon; his strength is what you make it, while he's in your party, but in the storyline he's really weak.

Not that that makes him a bad character, though: He's awesome. Much moreso with the Japanese voice track, where it's noticeable if he's in 'Dark Hero' mode or 'ordinary Axel' mode. You really did make him look badass, too.
This is true, the age-determining thing, but you'd think after two thousand years you'd have beefed up a little. I, unfortunately, have not had the oppertunity to play Makai Kingdom on the account of a coworker at my store being the ultimate douchebag, but I'll hopefully get it one day.

Yeah, when I FINALLY get him in my party, I'm pretty much going to make him the ruler of the universe (power-wise), but in the storyline he was so disappointingly weak. I was frustrated by these, even though his occasional cowardice just made him all the more charming :heart:

I listened to it in Japanese, but I got extremely frustrated, first with the translation that is so WEIRD, because he speaks for about nine days on and on about SOMETHING I don't understand, and all the translation reads is, "My name is Axel," or something dumb like that. Plus, Adell's voice actor has about as much emotion in his lines as a bag of rocks.

I do prefer the male fighter-class soldiers in Japanese though.
Ah, and I forgot to thank you for the compliment! Thank you ^_^
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